Welcome to Urgent Dental Care

Urgent Dental Care NYC – we offer Big Dental Help in the Big Apple.

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Welcome To Urgent Dental Care NYC

Urgent Dental Care NYC – we offer Big Dental Help in the Big Apple.


We at Urgent Dental Care NYC are essentially an oral care emergency room – we will take care of you the day you come in.

Over the years, dentists have had a difficult time defining emergency dental services. This was hard to define because in the past a patient could expect to wait extended periods of time for essential dental treatment. Rendering the term “emergency” meaningless, however, we offer our patients – established and new, comprehensive dental care – treatment in real-time and care that is effective and efficient. For you, our patient, that means, in most situations, the ability to receive treatment the very same day that you contact, or walk-in to Urgent Dental Care NYC.

We’re able to readily accommodate our patients here in the Big Apple due to our extended hours and advantageous scheduling.

Take comfort at Urgent Dental Care NYC – emergency care does not mean that you will ever receive a lesser standard of care.

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Some of the services we provide:


Emergent/Urgent Care Services

Are you suffering a dental emergency? Dental emergencies are just that; an emergency. Call us when you’re on your way – or just walk-in, it’s that easy.

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Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is any treatment done proactively; or before a dental issue arises. We at Urgent Dental Care NYC recommend that you receive exams biannually.

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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is defined as any procedure that reinstates your teeth back to normal, healthy functionality. Many restorative procedures are done before or after dental procedures.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry entails the procedures that are done to make ones smile more aesthetically pleasing. Many cosmetic dental procedures indirectly enhance the functionality of the teeth.

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What Our Clients Think:

Always putting a smile on your face!

I was skeptical of a dental facility that offered walk-in service, but, due to the amount of pain that I was in, I was willing to take a risk – and I’m so glad that I did, Urgent Dental Care NYC took care of me from the moment I walked in the door, my toothache was addressed that day!
Mike H.
I was in NYC for business, and of course, that’s when the dental pain hit. It was excruciating. I walked in to Urgent Dental Care NYC – I got the root canal treatment I desperately needed. I was able to not only get the dental care I needed quickly, but also complete my business trip successfully.
Susan F.
My regular dentist is hard to schedule due to my work hours and their inconvenient hours – I felt a dull ache in my tooth and kept putting it off, but woke up yesterday with the worst dental pain of my life! I was desperate for help! I was immediately seen and got my tooth back to health.
Regina P.

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