About Our Office

Welcome to our office where you’ll find clean facilities, friendly staff and professional advice.

We at Urgent Dental Care NYC operate with only the most experienced, upstanding people. Our team is qualified, educated – and compassionate, they are caring and empathetic to each patient and their pressing needs.

Our staff in its entirety is continuously expanding their knowledge base. Every team member at Urgent Dental Care NYC regularly attends continuing education classes to ensure that they are up to date with all the latest technology in the dentistry world.  Conferences and seminars are also attended to understand how we can better serving our patients. We value our education journey and look forward to bettering ourselves for our patients.

We are realistic. We know that seeing the dentist, especially in urgent situations, is not something anyone likes to do. Give Urgent Dental Care NYC the opportunity to make up for an unpleasant dental experience and change your views on dental care today.

Our mission statement is to not only to provide the best possible dental care to each patient, but to also be a calm presence in the midst of emergency. At Urgent Dental Care NYC we offer Big Dental Help in the Big Apple.

To better serve our patients and their families we also have various amenities available – Wi-Fi, drinks, comfortable seating areas as well as television. We want you to always be as comfortable as possible while with us.

What Our Clients Say:

Friendly and informative service to all our clients