Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is any treatment done proactively; or before a dental issue arises. We at Urgent Dental Care NYC recommend that you receive exams biannually. Biannual exams are the best way to prevent painful dental issues in a patient with overall good oral health, if you suffer from gum disease or gingivitis – more frequent exams may be required to keep your dental health as well as possible.

A preventative exam commonly includes the following services:

  • Dental Exam & X-Rays
  • Professional Cleaning
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Sealants

Biannual exams are imperative to optimal dental health as they are when most dental issues are caught early on, saving your mouth and wallet additional pain and suffering.

The cleanings that you receive at these preventative appointments are essential as they remove plaque and tartar buildup that you cannot remove at home with your normal flossing and brushing.

Is it time for your biannual exam? Are you or a loved one overdue for your professional cleaning and X-Rays? Get your appointment scheduled today.

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