Patient Reviews

Every patient that comes through our Urgent Dental Care NYC doors is valued and important to us. We strive to always be exceptional people providing exceptional care. Don’t take our word for it; read for yourself what our patients have to say…

I was skeptical of a dental facility that offered walk-in service, but, due to the amount of pain that I was in, I was willing to take a risk – and I’m so glad that I did, Urgent Dental Care NYC took care of me from the moment I walked in the door, my toothache was addressed that day!
Mike H.
My regular dentist is hard to schedule with due to my work hours and their inconvenient hours – I felt a dull ache in my tooth and kept putting it off, woke up yesterday with the worst dental pain of my life! Desperate for help, I found Urgent Dental Care NYC – I was immediately roomed and the kind staff got my tooth back to health.
Regina P.
Chipped my tooth trying to twist the cap off my soda, with my mouth – wasn’t sure what could even be done, it was seven PM and the dentist I had always gone to was closed. I called Urgent Dental Care NYC, they told me to come right in - they fixed my tooth that night – I learned my lesson: don’t try to open things with your teeth, but if you do Urgent Dental Care NYC will take care of you.
Chaz R.
My daughter was due for her biannual exam and I couldn’t get scheduled before the start of school with our family dentist, so I decided to try Urgent Dental Care NYC. I called and explained why the need for her cleaning was urgent; they didn’t hesitate to work with my schedule at all. We got her teeth cleaned the very next day. Everyone was so kind. I’d recommend them to anyone!
Pamela C.
I was in NYC for business, and of course, that’s when the dental pain hit. It was excruciating. I walked in to Urgent Dental Care NYC – I got the root canal treatment I desperately needed. I was able to not only get the dental care I needed in little time, but also complete my business trip successfully.
Susan F.
I’m a firefighter and my schedule is crazy – couldn’t get in anywhere else. Urgent Dental Care NYC got me scheduled and my appointment was seamless; slim wait. I’ll go back.
Jim W.
My son’s tooth was knocked clear out at his soccer game (permanent front tooth). My friend had once mentioned her experience with Urgent Dental Care NYC, and I needed a dentist immediately. When I called they put a dental hygienist on the phone with me to explain how to best save the tooth, when we arrived they were able to place his tooth back in his mouth and splint it. Looking at him now, you wouldn’t even know it had once been knocked out. His smile was saved. I recommend them to everyone now.
Jennifer H.
I was so happy to find out that after the emergency care I received at Urgent Dental Care NYC I could come back to them for my cleanings, and regular exams. They’re the best, so glad I don’t have to go anywhere else.
Josie P.
I had never been to dental place that took the time to explain my options and what would be best for me and my dental health. I can’t believe that I walked in to Urgent Dental Care NYC and received the great care that I did.
Ron M.
Only my child would get a toothache while we were on vacationing in the Big Apple. I had thought our vacation was ruined – plagued by a five year old with dental pain, I knew she couldn’t wait until we got home to see our dentist. I found Urgent Dental Care NYC – they were able to get us in immediately and were friendly and so caring towards my daughter. Couldn’t have asked for better care. Vacation saved.
Joanne T.

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